Friday, July 29, 2011

Follow Friday!! My 2nd week.

Yayy! Another Follow Friday and this time I will make sure it goes out on Friday!! LOL 

Question: Let's step away from books for a second and get personal. What T-shirt slogan best describes you?

Oh, this is hard because I can think of so many!! xP I really like these two and I want them sooo badlyy!!


  1. Hi there, new follower here! I love those shirt slogans - and your blog! :)

    Here's mine:

  2. Heya! Am hopping by from FF. New follower.

    Great choices this week. Keep calm and carry a wand is some sound advice :)

    My post: The Write Obsession

  3. Great slogans! I especially love the wand t-shirt.

    New follower!

    My FF post

  4. Hopping through from the follow friday hop. I am a new follower. Come on over to visit when you get the chance.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Hi! You've got yourself a new follower. :D

    Both are good ones! I like them. I love slogan shirts, although funnily enough I don't own a single one, haha. I went with a fun one I found during maths class. It's way to logical for math. ;)

    Have an awesome weekend! My slogan can be found here!

    Kindle Fever

  6. I want the wand shirt! LOl

    New follower!

    Nikki @ Books Most Wanted