Monday, August 1, 2011

Review: Shutter Island

Title: Shutter Island
Author: Dennis Lehane
Pages: 369 pages
Published by: Harper Collins
ISBN: 978-0-06-170325-6
Rating: B+

The year is 1954. U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels and his new partner, Chuck Aule, have come to Shutter Island, home of Ashecliffe Hospital for the Criminally Insane, to investigate the disappearance of a patient. Multiple murderess Rachel Solando is loose somewhere on this barren island, despite having been kept in a locked guarded cell under constant surveillance. As a killer hurricane bears relentlessly down on them, a strange case takes on even darker, more sinister shades-with hints of radical experimentation, horrifying surgeries, and lethal countermoves made in the cause of a covert shadow war. No one is going to escape Shutter Island unscathed, because nothing at Ashecliffe Hospital is remotely what it seems. 

I am surprised at myself for reading this. I heard the movie was scary and I cannot deal with scary things so I was like why the hell did I just buy that. I'm glad I did though because the book wasn't scary (well besides the fact that I avoided reading it at night) and it was pretty good. 

So basically, like the back of the book tells you, Teddy Daniels goes to the island with the hospital where insane criminals are and he's investigating a missing patient. He's with his partner, Chuck, and as they're listening to the details of what happened, it seems impossible for the patient to have escaped. They're trying to figure out how she escaped and find her but while that's happening, weird things start to happen and the island is creepier than they think. Also, you find out that Teddy isn't even really there for the job at all.

This book is like inception. I'm so serious right now, if you read it, it's probably going to be one of the most confusing stories you've read. It's one of those stories that as you're reading it, the number of questions you have and confusing things increase and then everything is answered in the very ending. I disliked that about the book because I'm not that kind of person and I need to know everything, ahahaaa. Seriously, I was freaking out while reading this because I didn't know why this was like this and that was like that. I was like, "YO AUTHOR, WHY DO YOU PUT THAT IN THERE. WHAT RELEVANCE DOES THIS HAVE." But of course, everything had relevance and you only find out in the ending. It's a story that's VERY planned out; something that the author probably spent a million years (exaggeration) thinking about because everything relates to everything. Something that happened in the beginning connects to this tiny detail in the ending and vice versa. Props to the author. 

The characters, are MUCH more developed than you think they are when you're reading the book. You don't even have a clue unless you picked it up in the hints throughout. I kind of picked things up but I didn't put it all together and in the back of my mind, I had a prediction that was only a bit off but then again, it was in the back of my mind. 

The writing is fantastic. The writing style is eerie, just like the story and I have no idea how the author did that but the writing really adds to the whole creepiness which is amazing. The book is a bit slow in the beginning and a bit in the middle-ish too but again, you only understand why until you read the whole thing. It's pretty fast-paced except for the slow parts like I said and the ending is especially fast. It's like an adrenaline rush, if that makes sense. 

The ending was all like, "Hah! Didn't see that one coming did you?" unless like I mentioned before, you picked it up while reading it. It's sudden, creepy and fantastic. It's like the concept of a dream in a dream from Inception (that's a huge clue which I'm not sure I should be giving ahaha). For the cover, there are many different covers and the picture is not the one of I have but out of all of them I like that one because it portrays the book the best. Besides, most of them have Leonardo DiCaprio on them now, not that I mind....but I like that other cover. 

Overall grade: B+ because I loved the idea but I didn't like that the questions build up like cancer until the end and the confusion is too confusing sometimes but if you do like eerie stories or books that you really have to think about (like a puzzle) then is for you.

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