Monday, September 12, 2011

Wow....Still being MIA...

I APOLOGIZE ONCE AGAIN. But this time, seriously, after I get my summer reading done, I'll be on here as much as possible.

On another topic though, the reason I'm writing this post, I might add another blog to this account. I'm in a class called English Scholars Program in my school and it's just a chill class where you can write anything your heart desires. I've been writing since middle school and I really like to so that's why I've been taking ESP the past couple of years.

This year it's a requirement to "publish" some of our work and if this counts as "publishing" (why not? reading at a library reading counts as one apparently) then I'll make another blog for it! I'm really excited but also scared about putting my work out there but if there's anyone reading this and anyone's interested then thank you and I hope for your constructive criticism when I start!

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