About Me and the Blog

Hello!! As you may already know, I am Priscilla and this is my book review blog!

I'm a high school student and I am in love with books and reading (if you haven't already got that yet). I also enjoy writing, singing, drawing and dancing. Pretty much anything considered in the "arts" department except acting because I really can't act.

I like to read anything as long as it's good but my favorite are YA books that are like about love, fantasy, etc. I don't really like to read historical books in general (some of them I do and I like) because it seems like my brain does not like it ahaha. I don't really know why. Non-fiction doesn't really appeal to me either unless it's an interesting topic.

I read VERY fast. Not like lightning but when something's good, oh dear, it's like I didn't even read it. Not really the best thing because sometimes I want to like soak things in but it does come in handy. And reading faster lets me read more books.

Now for more about the blog:
I'm going to be just doing normal reviews of books I read, nothing particularly special. I'm going to be reviewing books I've recently read and also books that I've read long ago if I feel that they're important enough (I've already got a list going!).

I'm going to grade the books with letters (A+, A, B+, B, C+, C, D+, D, F), A+ being, obviously, the best and F being icky, not worth reading at all. I'm going to be talking about the plot, characters, the writing, and anything else I think is important to know about the book. For books that are series, I'm going to grade them separately then together so that people that haven't read the next one in the series won't worry about spoilers.

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